The challenge that led to a Best Seller

Discover the step-by-step process to engage and covert viewers.

When I met Tajuana Ross a.k.a The LinkedIn Professor, I was looking to leverage what I called the sleeper platform known as LinkedIn. Ross is a Boss when it comes to this platform and I knew if anyone could help me get over my roadblocks The Professor would. Our first discussion broke mental barriers.

Real Talk: I could not be myself on LinkedIn. It felt stuffy and like a place I could not express my authentic story. Tajuana gave me some sage advice and told me it was the EXACT place for me and how to frame my story. Funny, how the teacher has become the student. During that conversation she also gave me a challenge: write a book! Now, I have always wanted to a pen a book in my name. About two years, ago, I took part in a women’s anthology called: Chocolate and Diamonds for a Women’s Soul. It featured the stories of women from the UK, Canada and United States. Within 24 hours we became Amazon International Best Sellers. But this time is a bit different. This is ALL on me, my name on the cover.

Could I get this done in her time frame?

I took the challenge. My first book idea was close to the completion stages but disappeared. I mourned for two days. It was nowhere to be found on my laptop, USB drive or Dropbox. I had to start from scratch.

I prayed. I prayed a lot for an idea that would help my audience. CEO OF LIVE VIDEO was birthed. I ran the idea through a friend, Tamika Sims. She was such an encourager to me. I needed that.

So, while very pregnant, mom of three, husband in the ministry, still working an early morning shift at the television station, I worked quietly on writing and putting together this book.

The project was completed in two weeks.

Then came launch day where I hit the published button on Amazon for the e-book version. There’s no turning back and my thoughts, words and ideas are not in the atmosphere. WOW!

About 1:30 a.m. I received a sweet Facebook message from my friends Dana Cooke saying she purchased the book. Double Wow, it is already out in the world. Amazon usually takes about 72 hours to upload your e-book. This was outside the 72 hour window.

By 5:30 a.m. I was hearing from others, they had purchased the book and could not wait to read it. By mid-morning reviews were rolling in and people were sharing on social media about the book.

By 2 p.m. I learned the book: CEO OF LIVE VIDEO was number 1 in 3 categories including a Best Seller in the category of Social Media. WINNING!

Before the end of the day I became a #1 Best Selling Author!

I’m elated and grateful I took the challenge. Sometimes we shy away from the hard things because, well, it’s difficult. And during this process I had challenges of my own: family issues, tired because of the pregnancy, etc. But every time I faced a personal difficulty I told myself, “don’t you dare quit.” You better keep writing, even though the tears.

When my 9 year-old found out about the book becoming a best seller, she told me she too wanted to write a book. When I see how proud my husband is about the book’s success or read the reviews of people feeling empowered and equipped to engage and convert their live video audience, the journey was well worth it.

Friends, challenge yourself to do what seems impossible. The very word, “impossible” holds “I’m Possible.” It is possible for you to do the very thing that seems difficult. You never know how that one thing could be the breakthrough someone else may need.

So, do hard things!

What’s the hardest things you’ve done lately? I want to hear how you have overcome it.

Stay Tuned,

The Rosho