We are woven together by stories. We find stories on television, lyrics to a song, movies and books. Your brand has a unique story; like a fingerprint this story identifies and separates you from everyone else.

Have you found yourself asking…

  • How do I communicate my mission and vision?
  • I believe I have a story but where do I begin?
  • Is my story one the media would be interested in?

We have the answer… Introducing our NEW Coaching program — What’s Your Story? Within this small six month private group of change agents, Roshanda provides clarity about your unique branded story which helps drive your marketing, social media and traditional media efforts.

This highly valuable program gives Roshanda’s clients access to her years of knowledge as a television news producer. What Roshanda’s does best is help her clients narrow their focus to understand their brand and create new strategies for success. Aside from a clear brand story, Roshanda provides marketing and social media support, on-camera interviews, media pitches, video training and content creation and so much more.

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For those that desire immediate, direct and private one on one attention, the VIP day is for you. In just 1 highly-productive, value driven and strategic day, Roshanda will help you UNFOLD your brand story DNA, DISCOVER how to position your story in the marketplace and OWN your story for optimal media positioning. This private consultation is for those who are READY to dive deeper and write a new story.
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