How Instagram Video Helped Me Land on CBS ‘The Talk’

It’s true! I was on CBS ‘The Talk’ as today’s social media correspondent. The topic? Bad breakups. This is how it all happened via Instagram.

The show has a segment where hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, and Sheryl Underwood post a question of the day for the audience to answer. It’s what the show calls Social Media Contributors on a trending topic. The more wild and zany the story, the better chances you have of being picked. The process is pretty easy. You have 20 seconds to tell your story with lots of personality and upload it to Instagram using a special hashtag for the show producer to discover. It’s suggested you create more than one video. Some social media contributors actually create a separate Instagram account specifically for these social type videos.   Anyone (and I do mean anyone!) can be a social media contributor for CBS The Talk. The show producers are always looking for new voices. My best advice: Follow the show on Instagram and see how you can get involved in the discussion. Here’s my actual video. It was pretty cool hearing Sheryl Underwood say my name in front of an audience of 3 million! What do you think?