What Your Live Audience Hates and How To Avoid It

The top ten things you are doing on live video that is causing your audience pain.

Your audience is rolling their eyes at your live video notification. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you have been there. You see the notice someone is live and immediately you start to cringe. The reason: They have broken the holy grail, at least according to you of what not to do on live video. It has not just happened once. You can forgive one time, but they are a repeat offender. Hopefully, I am not talking about you, but if I am, I share only because I love. I asked my Facebook and LinkedIn community to share their pet peeves.

Here is the list in no particular order:

  1. Broadcasters who don’t share from the beginning what the video is going to about.
  2. Broadcasters who ignore their audience.
  3. Broadcasters who Go Live while Driving (Yikes!).
  4. Broadcasters waiting on an audience.
  5. Broadcasters who don’t have prepared content.
  6. Broadcasters who talk to others in the room and not to their live audience.
  7. Broadcasters who do not repeat information.
  8. Broadcasters who lack energy.
  9. Broadcasters who are still trying to figure out technology.
  10. Broadcasters who promise one thing but do not deliver.

This is a very short list. You could probably add to it. Remember your audience is not seeking perfection but growth. You may start off ignoring your audience but after a while of consistently live streaming you start having a conversation with your audience.

How do you get your audience to move from hate to falling madly in love with you?

Be aware. Pay attention. Your audience will tell you what they want if you listen. Live video success depends on intentional relationship building. Commit to yourself and audience to cultivate and nourish your audience. In return, your audience will show you all the love in the world.

Stay Tuned,

The Rosho