Proof That Authentic Storytelling is what your audience wants

Two days before Christmas my family and I finally put up our tree. Go ahead and judge me. Life happened. Traveling, speaking engagements, after school activities, kids performances out of town, etc, etc, etc.
So here we are putting up the tree just in time for the holiday. I felt like I had a major mom win. Can anyone relate? So what do you do when you have a mom win? Of course, you brag, I mean post about it on social media.

I posted the following on Facebook:

What happened next was an inbox message saying “Your authenticity is refreshing to my soul.” Transparency is the new currency. The one thing many try to avoid is the one thing your audience wants. Truthfully, it was uncomfortable to share that I started the process of decorating my Christmas tree days prior to the big day. I was already experiencing some “mom guilt” but deep down inside I knew it couldn’t just be me, right? In fact, a fellow mompreneur posted she too was just putting up her tree.

Transparency, emotions are the cornerstone of any good story. Both help build a relationship between the storyteller and listener which can influence the customers’ choices. Transparency, emotions (especially good ones) should be in your messaging.

Your story gives others permission. Find your authentic moment. Be willing to be transparent! Your audience is waiting.

Stay Tuned,

The Rosho