6 Breakthrough Visibility Sessions


Empowering visionaries to show up confidently by eliminating the barriers to their visibility. 


What If I told you, you no longer have time to wait? This is the time to build a personal brand with video and you have the expertise YOUR people are looking for.

Since the inception of live video, I used the platform to build a recognizable personal brand. In doing this, I have been able to consistently grow my impact, influence, and income for our company.

What I know is you desire the same. But you are not sure where to start.

Do you need to give yourself permission instead of waiting for others?

Are you ready to use your voice to amplify your message?

Do you desire more camera confidence to boost your marketing efforts?

Do you need a clear plan on how to leverage your visibility?

If you are a CEO, coach, speaker or consultant, then you need a VISIBILITY BREAKTHROUGH.

Our 6-breakthrough sessions are ideal for people who want more one-on-one coaching through our four-step visibility framework system: Vision, Voice, Visibility, and Value.



What has God told you to do? Have you done it? Are you leaning totally into the vision for your personal brand and company? Vision is the foundation to which drives your visibility efforts and consistency. We walk our clients through creating a clear vision to serve their ideal clients in what they know best.


Every vision has a voice and we work to address what could be getting in the way of you using the power of your voice. Through exercises and an introduction to the real you, we discover together, what is possible when you use your voice.


Where is your vision and voice needed? We create a visibility strategy, which produces more impact, influence, and income in your business. This is looking at which social media platform is best, how to show up as the upgraded version of yourself, and how to edit it with more consistency.



Whether it is a service or product, we discuss how to increase visibility with your offerings.

Clients Just Like You

                                                     A few of the clients we have helped get clear on how to use live video to tell their story and expand their business visibility.

These breakthrough sessions are NOT one size fits all. They are curated as a 1:1 session with our clients as the driver and our coaches coming along as additional support.

These sessions are conducted for one hour via Zoom biweekly.

In our off weeks when we are not meeting, you will be assigned homework and activities to further support your visibility efforts.

Our sessions are recorded via Zoom and you will receive a copy. Our breakthrough clients have access to support outside of our sessions as needed.

There is a full payment and payment plan option.

Your Breakthrough is Now, Your Breakthrough is here.

“Coaching visionaries to freely be all God has called and created them for is one of my greatest passions. Being the best-kept secret is the best-kept lie, and playing small serves no one.”
Roshanda E. Pratt

Visibility Is Power, but it starts as an inside job. I would love to help unearth the hidden treasure inside you to make the impact, influence, and income you deserve.

Meet Your Coach

Roshanda ‘The Rosho Live’ Pratt is a well-respected broadcast journalist with 20 years of experience.

She is a regular contributor on local television, radio, and podcasts. Her dynamic personality and expertise have also been featured nationally on CBS’ The Talk, the Tamron Hall Show, and The Today Show. A digital pioneer in utilizing video and live streaming to increase visibility, Roshanda runs a thriving online brand known as The Rosho Live where she regularly shares her faith, humor, and 20 years of television producing experience. Roshanda is the author of two books, CEO of Live Video: Discover the Fundamentals of Dominating Live Video Through the Eyes of a Producer and Visibility Is Power: Discover the Power of Being Seen and Heard. She plays a supportive role to her husband Jacobee and their three children.

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