An in-demand media evangelist with a heavy dose of marketing know-how, The Rosho is a gifted communicator, speaker, brand strategist, and entrepreneur. Her keynotes have empowered thousands to find their voice and own their stories.

Message In A Bottle

Perfect for Thought Leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Your message is powerful, but are you communicating it in a powerful and compelling way? In a noisy world, it’s easy to slip into “the norm” or what everyone else is already doing. In this candid talk, The Rosho reveals how she was able to unleash her voice and tell her life changing story to impact others and her business. In this transparent talk, the audience will learn how to show up authentically to be seen and heard.

What you will learn:

  • How to move beyond “canned” and “unauthentic”
  • What the people you are called to serve really want
  • How the “mess” in your message impacts your audience

Don’t Sell Your Story, Tell Your Story

Facts tell but stories sell. But how do you tell a compelling story that converts into sales without sounding pushy or sleazy? The Rosho shares her secret to storyselling. There is a way to monetize your story for impact and results. Once The Rosho discovered this, it has been a game changer for her and clients. Now you, too, can discover the major factor between you and your competitor.

What you will learn:

  • How to monetize your story
  • What you really are selling to your audience
  • The formula of effective storytelling

How to A.M.P.lify Your Voice: Lessons from the Master Communicator

Perfect for Ministers, Pastors, Church Conferences, Leaders

Live stream, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter had not yet been created during Jesus’ ministry. However, Jesus is known as the most impactful communicator in history. Roshanda “The Rosho” Pratt explores the impact of Jesus’ ministry and how he used biblical “media” to amplify his voice to the masses. If you are a church, ministry leader, or conference host who wants greater impact, greater legacy, and influence you MUST have a voice. Learn how The Rosho has equipped ministry leaders to communicate authentically, sharing the gospel of the good news to grow community, church, and connection.

What you will learn:

  • How media helps shape impact
  • How to create media to amplify your voice
  • How to uncover your message of influence
  • CBS ‘The Talk’
  • City of Rock Hill
  • SCPRSA Connect 2016
  • Obesity Summit
  • Annie’s Project
  • Florida CCFM Conference
  • Emory University
  • John Maxwell’s Live to Lead – Columbia
  • John Maxwell’s Live to Lead – Greenville
  • National Farmers Union Women’s Conference
  • City of Columbia Small Business Week Conference
  • Immersion 17 Marketplace Leaders Conference
  • Fairfield County School District
  • Give Up, Go Up Empowerment Conference,

A 20 year Public Relations professional shares her experience after hearing Roshanda E. Pratt speak at SCPRSA’s Connect 2016 conference
A Public Relations professional shares her experience learning from Roshanda E. Pratt at SCPRSA’s Connect 2016

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