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Discover the fundamentals of an engaging host in a step-by-step formula and finally how to make a deal with your audience that is profitably to your bottom line. 

Roshanda has curated a content-rich read that challenges the mindset of the reader while equipping them with the tools needed to embrace the power of visibility.

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We have helped people get clear on how to use live video to tell their story and expand their business.
I need to level up my live videos and was unsure of HOW to do that! Enter CEO of Live Video! What I love about this book is the high-level efficiency and value that is immediately delivered to the reader. Clear, concise, and relevant information for me to use in evaluating my current use of live videos and specific ways to begin to improve. Sharing her expertise as an executive newsroom producer, Roshanda Pratt, shoots straight but also gives me some love and encouragement. Her "Visibility is POWER" principle is a great reminder to really focus in on harnessing that power! Fabulous, quick read that will give you tangible tools to use immediately! and totally follow her on social media - the best live video tips I've seen!
Rebekah Tozer
I enjoyed reading and writing in this book. Roshanda's writing style is easy to follow, entertaining, and engaging. The questions in each chapter provoke reflection and authenticity. If you are ready to connect your purpose to the people you are called to serve, this is your book.
Tiffany Conyers
Therapist to Moms
The best way I can describe the impact of Roshanda’s heart and soul in this interactive book and her overall presence is that it is a gift I now include in every client’s self-care welcome box. She not only shares stories (hers and others), she has a V.I.P. Question section at the end of each chapter to help you tell your story in order to get real honest + strategic in living out your divine vision + mission. She speaks the truth in love with empathy, wisdom, wit, vulnerability, all wrapped up in a no-nonsense approach to living where your light can shine on a hilltop, not hidden under a lampshade. This book will stay on my desk as a reference book and a devotional. I suggest you invest in Visibility is Power. It will make the difference between you hiding in comfort or flourishing in freedom. Do it scared. Do it by faith! Do it!
Mohawkmomma Palmer