— Calendar Re-opening soon

Can't Wait To Work With You

Attention My Calendar Is Officially Closed!

We are not taking on any new 1:1 clients until 2023 of the New Year.
If you’d like to work with us, join me in Houston, TX December 9-11th for our Visibility Is Power Content Creation Tour.
We are teaching you how to THINK Like A Producer, Discover the content your clients’ want, and leave with videos done!
This is a major milestone in our business!
I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for 4 years. But I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than a decade.
I never imagined I could take time off. But, I decided this year, I would with no worry about “am I leaving money on the table?”
I have a plan, I’m working the plan and trusting God with His part… as I REST and curate the experiences He is talking to me about for the New Year.
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