The Sho Must Go On! What This Blog Is About

For years, my husband described my television news job to his friends as the following: “My wife writes mini research papers for a living.” Not exactly what I did as a television news producer, but there was certainly a lot of writing. I am known online as The Rosho Live. A nickname I received at every television station I worked for, as a producer. I love media, especially live video. I discovered I am not alone, many of you love video too. In fact, data shows 80% of people would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. But what about the other 20%? I want to engage with you all who may not be a fan of live video but are like me, who love to curl up with a great book or short blog post for inspiration for life, and maybe a little business.

The Sho Must Go On is my life on paper. This blog will show you a bit of my life as The Rosho Live.  I am taking you behind the scenes sharing my journey, my favorite things,, and plenty of lessons learned. Every broadcast and every life challenge has taught me the show must still go on. My prayer and hope is that you find this as a space of encouragement, a place to laugh, and maybe even cry with me. Thank you for subscribing and being apart of this journey with me.

Fast facts about The Sho! 

Who is The Rosho Live?

My favorite color: yellow
My favorite place: home
My favorite travel item: My diffuser
My favorite saying: Standby (ask my friends)
My oldest friend: Erica Smith from middle school
My favorite song: Can You Stand The Rain: New Edition
My favorite food: Any dish from my parents home country, Trinidad & Tobago
My favorite places to visit: Trinidad & Tobago and Paris, France
My favorite city: Savannah, Georgia
My favorite quote: “I got my start by giving myself a start.” Madame CJ Walker
My favorite people: Of course, my children. I actually call them my favorite son, favorite 12 and 2-year-old
My favorite television show: Law & Order SVU (Special Victims Unit)
My favorite thing to do: Talking to my business besties, reading, shopping, spending time with family, and traveling.
One thing I miss: crafts
One regret: What I did not pay attention to…
Nickname: Shanda or in high school: The Lady (true story)
If I was deserted on an island what things do I want:  My Bible, my tripod, and mascara.
The most unusual thing about me: I add up the numbers on license plates, but I do not like math. Go figure!

Now your turn. Tell me a bit about you?


The Rosho