3 ways to Grow Your Live Stream Audience into Raving Fans

3 ways to Grow Your Live Stream Audience into Raving fans

Do you fear going live because no one will join? Are you tired of hearing crickets when you are broadcasting? Do you want to start building a network of followers? If you answered YES, you are not alone.

I love media, I especially love video. But would you believe it, I too was scared of going live online? Seriously, more than a decade of working in television news both in front and behind the camera, and I still felt panic hitting that little button that said LIVE. I had to do some deep soul searching and create a plan. I want you to kick fear in the bootie and show up with your compelling and authentic story. Here are my three best practices to growing your live stream audience and turning them into your raving fans.

    1. It’s all about the title: make sure what you say is inviting and catchy. Here’s a quick formula: What you will share + outcome= title. See how I gave a promise of 3 tips on what will be shared and then the outcome? Who wouldn’t want this? One more thing I should mention, your title should be inviting, catchy and not a lie. Don’t promise something and not deliver that is one way to lose creditability and an audience. It’s never worth it. For example: 3 ways to get viewers to never leave your broadcast.
    2. Commit to engage: Respond to replays and questions. Thank people for sharing your video and inviting others. That comment box is FREE golden property use it to your advantage. Also, when you are live host a mini roll call. Mention who is watching and where. Everyone likes to be recognized. Make your live stream feel like the show, “Cheers” where everyone knows your name and they are so glad you came.
    3.  Watch Others: Social media is about being social. So pop in other broadcasts, comment, and introduce yourself. Make sure you are not spamming with information about your website and products. That is just plain RUDE! Think of it like this, I would not come to your house for the first time and start opening your refrigerator? It’s the same thought on live stream. Unless the person asks or direct you, do not take over their live stream but using it to promote yourself. Don’t be that kind of guest who quickly gets uninvited. When you serve as the proper guest, you’ll get noticed and then that broadcaster may jump into your live stream when they see you. That’s how you build relationship, and like The Lion King, it’s the circle of life. 

Bonus: Do not be consumed by the numbers. I know you look at it, we all do. How many people are actively watching and I would be lying if I said numbers do not matter. Numbers do matter, but in the proper perspective. Make a point to be faithful in serving those who show up for you. Over deliver like it is a crowd of hundreds and soon it will be.

Building an audience of raving fans is not a sprint but a marathon. Keep going at it, measuring what works and doesn’t and watch your platform continue to grow.

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