3 reasons why the media is just not that into you

Have I told you how much I enjoy Periscope? If you have not heard, Periscope is a live streaming video app purchased by Twitter which allows you to broadcast live from anywhere. I have been using it in my business. It is a great way for messengers to tell their story, connect and engage. Trust me, this is Rosho approved.

3 reasons why the media is not calling.
3 reasons why the media is not calling.

During one of my scopes, I shared 3 reasons why the media is just not that into you. Too often both in front of the camera and behind the scenes I witnessed people, organizations and good products not positioned correctly because of some simple mistakes. As a journalist, we are often taught ‘the devil is in the details.’ Crucial details can make or break your opportunity as an expert in the media. These 3 tips are not the completed list but a starting point.

3 reasons why the media is just not that into you:

1. Press release is missing information:
The press release is your business card to why the media should be interested in your event, product business or organization. As you know, I despise extremely lengthy press releases. Your release should get straight to the point yet cover the 5 w’s we learned in elementary school. You may remember who, what, when, where and why. This critical missing information can really put your release in the bottom of the pile or even deleted. Do not make the media search for information.

2. Not Understanding your audience:
It is very important you understand to whom you are pitching. How I send pitches to the morning show is very different from the afternoon program. How I pitched to Huffington Post is different than how I pitch to local bloggers. Do your research beforehand so it would appear to those you are pitching to you have a grasp of their audience and needs.

3. Not understanding timing:
News or media is what’s happening now. Sending a press release for the first time on the day of the event or calling and inquiring about coverage an hour before show time is simply inconsiderate. Be kind to yourself and the media you are engaging by giving yourself enough time to accurately and effectively communicate your brand’s story.

If you avoid the above short list you can turn the media from not being into you to calling you for opportunities. Do you need more help? On my website, I have a resource of a free audio where I interview a 22 year journalist about the best practices for creating a press release. Go here to listen.

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