Restaurant Week Goes Live: Watch us live from the car

Restaurant Week South Carolina is October 11-21 2018 featuring the best restaurants in the Palmetto State. As part of the 11 day event we hide a spoon at a location, give clues and the person who finds it receives a $50 gift card to a participating restaurant.

This is our second year participating as a family in hiding a spoon. Like last year, we decided to use live video to give clues as we drove to the location to hide our spoon. I just knew I wanted to incorporate my love for live video and my family for what would be an interesting ride.  Understand this, we DID NOT drive and live stream. In fact, my husband focused on driving, the kids and I focused on our audience. It was so interactive and fun. We even had a chance to capture the winner live on video.

Here is the lesson we can all learn. Invite people into your life. Even if its just a glimpse, people still want to see it. Watch as people engaged in our conversations and how I kept people watching for the more than a 15 minute ride (PS. I have a cute family)

Stay Tuned,

The Rosho Live