10 Ways To Show Up Like A V.I.P.

For a long time, V.I.P. stood for very important person. To be a V.I.P. it meant that person had special privileges due to their status or importance. You have V.I.P. status, but not the way you think. I want you to consider V.I.P. means Visibility Is Power. Being invisible is hurting you. It is costing you money, influence and creditability. We are in an era of relationship marketing. People connect to those they know, like and trust. But to make that connection they must know who you are. Merriam Webster defines Visibility as the degree of clearness; capability of being readily noticed.

Don’t you want to be noticed, of course you do. Here are 10 ways to show up like a V.I.P.

  1. Own your story: the good, bad, and very ugly. Own every part of your story. As I tell clients in your mess is a message. The most celebrated and remembered stories are those where real people could identify with the struggles and triumphs of other real people.
  2. Own your genius: Take an assessment of all your trainings, certifications and professional backgrounds. Consider how you can use those things to further support what you are doing.
  3. Know your Tribe: Who are you talking to? What is their problem? How can you solve it? You should know your tribe so well you can write a page in their journal. When you understand them you know how to solve their problem.
  4. Give value: When you show up always provide value. It’s not enough to be seen but when you are seen be heard saying something of value.
  5. Monetize your story: Consider opportunities to take the value you give and create products, services and content that your ideal client will pay for. You are the solution to your ideal client’s problem. People pay for solutions, provide them.
  6. Be consistent: People do business with those they know, like and trust. To build those three, they must see you. Make a point to be consistent with how and why you show up.
  7. Go Live: The best way to build the know, like and trust factor is through live video. The more visible you are through this platform the more you start to build a community, a tribe. Here is a quick live video tip. Pick a consistent time to Go Live and tell you audience ahead of time when they can watch.
  8. Engage: One of the biggest mistakes I see people doing on live video is not engaging. From the consultant, to the marketer even to celebrities they are not engaging with their live audience. Live video is an opportunity to connect. The best way to start cultivating that connection is by talking to your audience. Ask a question, shout out a few watchers but never, ever, treat them like a fly on the wall.
  9. Content: The old saying about Content being king is still true. To really own your visibility you must give people a reason to know, like and trust you. Content is all around you and look for ways to infuse a story about your life or someone you helped in order to make your content a sticky story.
  10. Show up: Finally, none of the above will work until you decide to show up. That really is the first step. Make a decision you will be a person who shows up in every area of life. Watch the difference.

Stay Tuned,

The Rosho