Beyond the Beauty: Fenty Beauty’s Entrepreneur Lesson

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launched with much fanfare. The first phase of the line featured 40 foundation shades particularly for women of color who have complained about being overlooked for so long. But there seemed to be some disappointment from beauty enthusiasts. During the first launch, eye shadows and lipsticks were not included. But don’t fear—Rihanna is giving her fans an early Christmas gift with its holiday beauty collection.

Yessss! (In my Tamar Braxton Voice)

According to the brand, the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection includes a 14-shade eye shadow palette, an eye shadow brush, three liners, four glitter lip glosses, and four lipsticks. As you can see everything is about SHINE! The products are in holographic packaging and glittery. It’s really out of this world!

Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection eye shadow
Fenty Beauty eye shadow

I had a chance to get a preview at a special midnight launch at my local Sephora. You can see I got a chance to try out one of the new lippies from the collection I took a few snapshots at the photo booth (equipped with a ring light) with store manager and friend Coretta. Fenty Beauty’s Holiday Collection range in price from $19- $59.


Sephora set up a photo booth for customers to snap them trying on the new holiday collection.
Smiling wearing the new holographic lipstick by Fenty Beauty called SCI-FLY.










But it’s not all beauty here. As an entrepreneur, I look at everything as a learning moment and there is a beautiful lesson here.

Here are the three things I learned:

Move in silence: When Rihanna launched her makeup line, most of the press came from beauty bloggers and eager customers. There was no press conference or big lead up to the launch date. It just came out and with force. My mentor, Tia Brewer Footman told me once, “Money talks, but wealth whispers.” Develop the habit of moving in silence. You don’t have to tell everything. Build deep, below the surface that way when you do launch, its so deep no one can take it from you. According to Forbes, Rihanna has been developing her line for two years.

Don’t give your audience everything: I think sometimes as entrepreneurs we think we have to give everything in order to make a greater profit. Not so! Fenty Beauty released 40 foundation shades, immediately meeting the need of its audience first. Rihanna got us hooked and wanting more, and then enters the holiday collection for our eyes and lips. WINNER!

Timing is everything: I think it is GENUIS to release a holiday beauty line ahead of the massive holiday season. In fact, I think Rihanna is a smart business woman for releasing the second phase shortly thereafter her first launch. Timing is everything! I learned do not let much time pass between product launches, strike while the iron is hot.

You can get your holiday fix exclusively on Sephora’s website. But remember while you are shining bright like a diamond you can learn a few lessons from the superstar too.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty What do you think?

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The Rosho