What QVC can teach us about selling on Facebook Live

On any given day on Facebook Live you can scroll through and see multi-level marketers, entrepreneurs and hustlers peddling their wares on the social media platform. LuLaRoe Leggings to Pearl Parties, more and more people are using Live video to reach customers.

While scrolling through my timeline, to my surprise, I stumbled upon QVC selling Isaac Mizrahi ponchos on Facebook Live. The home shopping network was streaming their live television show on Facebook. I posted this thought on my Facebook page, Whoa! QVC is using Facebook Live to reach shoppers. So, again tell me why you can’t sell your product on here?

The comments on my post ranged from Ro, You better preach to I’m still scared to go Live on Facebook. But if we take a page out of the selling guide of QVC we can learn a few things on how to engage to sell with our audience. Those who sell jewelry or even leggings missed the opportunity to really educate their audience. This is one of the things QVC does really well. The home shopping platform will show you the product, but also educate you on the product, incorporating the why, background on the product and even sharing testimonials. What does this look like? If you see leggings, show me how to take one pair of leggings and change it from a daytime to a date night look. If you sell jewelry show me the different ways to wear the piece, show me different shirt necklines and the jewelry that best fits. Your live video should empower and entertain but also educate your audience. Give your audience the information they need so they feel prepared and do not regret their decision to buy from you.

The next time you decide to show up to sell on Facebook think, “This is my QVC channel. I’m going to educate my audience to make their shopping experience easy.” If you make it easy and fun, it will have a great payoff.

Stay tuned,

The Rosho